Download Freebeat : Halle – Ar Dee Uk Drill Typebeat (Produced By Airkay)


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    Ar Dee, whose real name is Abiola Abdulgafar, is a rising UK rapper and songwriter of Nigerian descent. Born and raised in South London, Ar Dee began pursuing music seriously in his teenage years, honing his skills and developing a style that blends elements of UK drill, grime, and Afrobeat.

    Ar Dee has been making waves in the UK music scene with his unique sound and energetic performances, and has gained a loyal fanbase through his social media presence and collaborations with other artists. He has released several successful singles, including “Oliver Twist” and “Drench”, and has received critical acclaim for his powerful lyrics and dynamic flow.

    If you’re a producer looking to create a beat in the style of Ar Dee, you might be interested in checking out his latest single, “Halle UK Drill”. With its hard-hitting bassline, haunting melody, and intense energy, this track is a perfect example of Ar Dee’s signature sound. And if you’re looking to download a typebeat in the same style, be sure to check out “Halle UK Drill” produced by Airkay, which captures the same gritty, high-energy vibe of Ar Dee’s music.

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