Impact Of Technolology On Music

impact of technology on the music industry
impact of technology on the music industry

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      Music has been in place for a long time; though no one would be able to justify the existence of music. As music has a wide range of varieties; without doubt, music is the collaboration of diverse of instruments alongside voice with several notes that is converted into a beautiful sound for different usage.

      The world has continued to see development all around with technology being the bedrock of this advancement. Where there is music, there is always room for merriment, cheers, and no time for dull moment.

      Music has also keyed into the technological world and its advancement, its beyond doubt that the musical industry has found her music accepted with numerous genres available for users enjoyment.

      With technology being able to provide people daily with more comfort than before as they can easily listen to music irrespective of the environments they are in, be it outdoor or enclosed, it is without doubt that the adjustments brought into the music world by technology has significantly benefited music lovers all over the world.

      Users now have abundance of preference to work with; they can decide to listen to only instrumentals, or the music as a whole. There is also an option to choose between visual and audio. With this rate of innovation technologically, many musicians don’t seem to know what the future holds for them having the fear that technology might replace them.

      The involvement of technology in the music world has essentially and effectively seen the production of sound and good music in little time thereby reducing the amount of effort that sound engineers are expected to put in unlike before, thereby proving itself as the savior of music industry unlike the destroyer as other people tag it to be.
      The emergence of technology into the music world has helped improve music in the aspects of delivery (mix), performance, producing different medium formats such as mp3, mp4, and others, and also distribution.

      The Audio production has been top notch thereby creating rooms for music lovers to listen and the same time purchase more. The availability of software that allows a fan to first hear a song before download is an advancement of its own that have good effect on the users unlike before whereby there’s no room for you to listen to a song before buying the song.

      With digital downloading hitting the market, we find out that users can easily access their favorite artist songs other than roam around music stores for a feel of their favorite artist. Although these seemed to rip good music into any body’s hand without having to pay the real cost (without having to pay much) being that there were good numbers of pirated ones out, but this time that isn’t the case as customization has come in place thereby creating room to have a customized playlist unlike when you are mandated to buy a full album even when you know that it is only one song out of the album that interests you.

      With technology at play in the musical world, the customers have been armed with greater power unlike before where the power happened to be with record labels. Now there is a platform for the users to decide what they want, thanks to technology.

      Technology has been an eye opener to Musicians, as the advent of streaming services sites such as Spotify, Mandora and others have paved way for better fan and artist connection. The artists are aware about the number of individuals (fans) that love their song, not like the old analog way where an artist is not aware of his fans.

      Most times technology has been misinterpreted for ‘taken over’ the music industry, but this is not so as technology only come to effect beneficial advancement such as the one it does in producing consumer liked products. It does not take over the jobs of the audio and sound engineer as they are very much needed in the setting up, recording and editing and production the final products that hits the market.


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