Different Types Of Music Genres and Styles In Nigeria


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      Juju Music

      The Juju genre of music emerged in the 1920’s and earned some musicians like Tunde Nightingale, C.A Balogun and J.O Araba Popularity around 1950’s. In that same decade, I.K Dairo rose to stardom earning himself Nigerian’s first international musical star. This height of his, paved way for other juju bands.

      Juju music is a dance music centered around guitar and percussion.

      The likes of Chief commander Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, Shina Peters and others also achieved popularity through the music they practiced – juju music.

      Highlife Nigerian Style

      Although Highlife was styled from the American jazz and Ghanian style  of music. It was styled in Nigerian own way and thus its enjoyment is in same status with that of the pop music  abroad.

      When it comes to highlife, Dr. Victor Olaiya, Bobby Benson and Cardinal Rex Lawson inspired this genre of  music as they all became popular demanded names for performance.

      Till date, Artiss such as chief Osita Osadebe  originating from the eastern part of Nigeria emerged in mid 1970’s is still considered as one of the greatest music recorders of the Nigerian Highlife. Other prominent artists of this genre of music are Onyeka Onwenu, Sunny Neji and others.


      The Apala is Nigerians  own way of performing pop music. Although it is mosltly enjoyed by the western part of Nigeria in this case the Yoruba’s. Apala is a dramatic and traditional form of music originated from the Ijebu’s.

      This genre of music in Nigeria has seen artists such as Late Ayinla Omowura,Late Haruna Ishola and even Musleiu Ishola the son of Late Haruna Ishola earn fame nationally.


      Fuji begot its name from a young man by the name Sikiru Ayinde Barrister. This genre of Music is highly favored by Yoruba’s islamic communities within Nigeria.

      Lots and lots of drama has been witnessed in this genre of music as fans split into diverse of camps in favor for their own musician.

      In the late 90’s, fuji began to overthrown  Juju’s popularity in Nigerian music, by becoming the number one in Nigeria.

      When it comes to fuji artists such as,King Wasiu Ayinde Marshall, Kollington Ayinla, Pasuma and others cannot be left out.


      The best known icon and largest musical personality from Nigeria in the afroo beat world is Late Fela Anikulapo Kuti.  This man imbibed a lot of instruments into this genre of music ranging from dance performance, slangs, jazz beat and a lot of percussion instruments, to produce a uncomparable style which he named Afro- beat in 1963.

      Afro- beat genre has seen othre beautifl styles rise too; styles such as the Afro-beat rap, Afro soul, Afro jazz and so many more.


      After the world witnessed iconic artist in person of Bob Marley, a lot of people took into this particular genre of music among which were Nigaerian Majek Fashek. He dropped the Prisoner of Conscience album in 1990 and the Spirit of Love in 1991 which received mouth off reviews both home and abroad.


      Hip-hop saw the light in Nigeria around the mid 90’s. Groups such as the Remedies formed I 1997 made this happen. They released two different songs- ‘Judile and Sakomo’which became hits overnight in Nigeria.


      With all the genres of music discussed above, this genres of music has stood out because they imbibed collective instruments in form of instrumentals which produces unique and loved sounds you just cant stop yourself from dancing to.

      The development of Nigerian music has moved from the usual traditional instruments which range in size  and complexities, such as the xylophones and local drums into a more recent instrument such as the brass instruments, electric  guitars, trumpets, keyboards (organs), and so on and so forth.

      Instrumentals help produce melody, Rhythm, Chords, improvisation in  melody lines, solos,  which are always time bound and must be in the right balance.

      Instrumentals go a long way with music being that It helps a musician to familarize  himself or herself with the kind of melody or tone he or she is to try to incorporate into the music to make it balanced, yet perfect and professional.

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